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In humanitarian aid organized on January 3, 2005 we have managed and sent to the affected area Galle through CSA flight at 14:15 pm on January 4, 2005 a total of 972 kg in 66 packages perishable foods, basic hygiene products, primary disinfectants, equipment, pharmacies and range of 5 liters bootles of water.
In this humanitarian aid, we rode 880 kilometers (Prague - Sumperk + surroundings) and thanks to the friendly help of company Ford Charouz that immediately responded to our request and provided the new Ford Transit, including fuel. We have been disappointing of certain friends from large media companies, which could be involved for example, through they broadcast, but there was any response from them.
Through all we continue to organize and to send further aid to the affected area of southern Sri Lanka. Also little help would be help. If you are able and want to get involved in this materially humanitary aid, please contact us below through email or phone.

Finally we thank the following persons and companies for helpfulness and contribution:
Ford Charouz
Vip Casino Prague ÈSOB
Partner Plus
Jiri Jantac - Ford Charouz, Pavel Zak - VIP Club Casino, Pavel Bartik - CSOB Pojistovna, Olympus C&S, Marie Sustek, Viera Drobulova, Martin Kopecky, Marie Haltmarova (81let), Jirina Wiedermanova, Alzbeta Opitzova, Marek Eben (famous Czech celebrity & TV moderator), Mitrofanova - Supermarket, Roman-Catholic Parish Velke Losiny - Rapotin and Sobotin
And especially our thanks for enabling transportation companies Czech Airlines (CSA) a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Czech Republic Mr. Ludevit Hruz.
Humanitarian aid for the southern part of Sri Lanka
( region / province  GALLE )

Dear Sir/Madam,
in relation to our previous activities in the southern part of Sri Lanka before the Tsunami, we decided to organize part of the humanitarian aid to the affected area of Sri Lanka - more precisely, the southern province of Galle, where we have indigenous person, which was working for us in sector Movie Location Service and is now able contributing the help those affected people. Uncle of such person is a minister in this province, so the necessary aid etc.. is adequately mapped.

We receive a daily SMS about the situation in this area, see here:
From:  +94714256xxx
Time:  12/29/2004 - 02:36:29 AM
now i came after social work with my uncle(he is a minister here)Today i saw scenes that a person shouldnt see in one's life time.They r so awful.Nothing left in galle but dead bodies by the sides of roads&destroyed buildings.U may not believ,i saw bodies floatin on water.V now pack dry rations&will donate them.Had lot of damn experience.Still i cant eat.I dont know how v build the country again.Anyway Good night
From:  +94714256xxx
Time:  12/29/2004 - 09:57:28 PM
Thanx.I tried to email u but no places in galle.Anyway what v need is,medicine,clothes,linen,etc.Whatever u can provide we accept with thanx.That could be anything coz v r talking about people who have nothing with them.Good news.For foreign aids government dont charge tax.So mention those r donations.Still on my way home.Good night!

We will concentrate on longer-term aid in this one of the poorest affected area and the downright materially, not direct financial (you surely know the abuse of many financials aid).

To the donors we can guarantee that we have a shipment full under control. We pick-up her by ourself with the support of Ford Charouz that helps us with their cars, and transported her directly to the airport cargo area, where it takes over airline has CSA and delivering the consignment to Colombo where our person in charge will take care of pick-up and transportation to the southern part - province Galle - where aid will be divided into the affected areas.

We are pleased and very surprised from the engaged support of our celebrities like Mr. Marek Eben (famous TV Moderator).

All the names of their donors will be placed on our website in a new built section Humanitarian Aid.

On request we e-mail a copy of the cargo letter of dispatch humanitarian aid.

The first date of the humanitarian collection was on January 3th, 2005. The second date for humanitarian cargo departure was on January 25th, 2005.

For further information please contact us through e-mail

We thank you for participation,

Yours faithfully,



 Humanitarian aid for
the Galle southern province of Sri Lanka
Photo distributing aid.
Letter of thanks CR. Top!

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The second humanitarian aid took place at January 24-25.1. 2005. The cargo departed on Friday January 28th, 2005 at 2:15 PM from Prague to Colombo (Sri Lanka).

In this shipment was successfully sent a total of 470 kg in 18th packages, composed of perishable foods, baby food, basic hygiene products, basic health care and basic children's clothing.

Names of donor:
Ford Charouz
Tesco Stores CR a.s., Karin Karasova, Ford Charouz - Jiri Jantac, Marie Sustek, Viera Drobulova, Lubomir Haltmar, Petra Klapilova

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