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The Photo Show is an exclusive way to introduce the work of art photographer Bastian Leopold to a demanding audience used to high standard social events. Thanks to the photographer's experience and digital system EyeLike connected to a large-screen projection, the event has a great atmosphere similar to a live photo shooting, boosted by a stronger light/flash intensity. »



Event named VERSACE PHOTO SHOW took place exclusively in Prague - Czech Republic. The show was presented at the Bohemia Sekt Party organized at the occasion of launching the Bohemia Sekt Month. The party was held in beautiful Palαcovι zahrady (Ledeburg Gardens) under the Prague Castle.

At the Versace Photo Show, our production company arranged the following activities:
› Participation of artistic photographer
› Fashion collection Versace
› Choreografie
› Design wings from one of the leading international designers Rannύ Architects - Interior Design
› Jewellery Swarovski & collection Daniel Swarovski
› Hairdressing Toni&Guy
› Special make-up Die Maske
› Foto technique EyeLike
› Large screen projection
› Pictures of top VIP guests
› Design of the catwalk for the photo show
› Design and production of VIP cards for the participants of the event
› Shooting of the whole event by a professional camera equipment – pls. see the video on this webpage

Almost 800 most prominent customers, business partners and VIP guests of Bohemia Sekt could watch breathlessly the 20 minutes long Versace Photo Show!

The fact that the client (its PR agency) immediately gets a top level press release is a great advantage of photo show.




 Humanitarian aid for
the Galle southern province of Sri Lanka
Photo distributing aid.
Letter of thanks CR. Top!

Blackout movieShooting of Movie Blackout - part I. and making of Blackout Movie Shooting ›› Photo Gallery ›› Informations

Press release for movie. blackout.pdf 
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