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We arrange contacts and organize participation of the local and international celebrities and hard-to-reach public figures.

We will arrange everything for you, from the entire communication to the execution of the contract.

Thanks to our experience and cooperation with foreign agencies and productions, we are able to choose an appropriate celebrity according to your needs.

A perfect solution for a film, commercial, TV & radio channels, non-profit organizations, social events, concerts, newspapers etc.

Monika Lewinsky or Bill Clinton and the show must go on...


 Humanitarian aid for
the Galle southern province of Sri Lanka

Photo distributing aid.
Letter of thanks CR. Top!

Blackout movieShooting of Movie Blackout - part I. and making of Blackout Movie Shooting Photo Gallery Informations

Press release for movie. blackout.pdf 
( Czech, 406 kB, PDF ) blackout.pdf 
( English, 473 kB, PDF )


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