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DJ ESP aka Woody McBRIDE
"people don't say things in life --- they do things"

ESP and film director on the Prague Airport

the best Sushi in town in Dancing Club Lavka

twix - Two in One or better One in Two

comeon shoot... it's fucking cold

Gregs hypnotic eyes

Altron energy part II. Has anybody seen this cute blonde?

normally he's in disguise as Duracel Rabbit

i'm psychotic you know..

the official Reopening of LAVKA

wanna play billard dudes??

pocketbillard would be ok

when turntables get hot...

you don't see anything anymore

missed the target...the camera is here dude

i....but her nose...i love this nose...kleopatra

and this without xtc..????

where's your hair gone dude?

having fun???

so serious???

Gogos love Djs

stop this stupid grinning dude

kill the photographer... this is a crap-picture

got her...yes i got her-what was the number of the room??

who's that girl?

also djs know how to drink

what has he what i....

don't think....EAT

Orion? ain't that a sex-toy-store

who came first??

hes so fucking experienced

ok now I know ...

leave me allone I'm to drunk

the rebirth of lennon in a skoda

but...lennon was smaller or???

the rebirth of lennon in a skoda

uih...this dress is itching

taken with OLYMPUS | photographer Bastian LEOPOLD


 Humanitarian aid for
the Galle southern province of Sri Lanka

Photo distributing aid.
Letter of thanks CR. Top!

Blackout movieShooting of Movie Blackout - part I. and making of Blackout Movie Shooting Photo Gallery Informations

Press release for movie. blackout.pdf 
( Czech, 406 kB, PDF ) blackout.pdf 
( English, 473 kB, PDF )


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