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Blackout for sponsorship Demo Soundtrack (3 MB)

F L Y E R   B L A C K O U T +++ gigaparty +++

dancing club LÁVKA - BIGGER!

On 18.10.2002 was the big reopening Club Lavka! At midnight US DJ ESP aka Woody McBRIDE opened up the second new dance floor - total new space in the club with state-of-the-art sound and light.

It was the one and only ESP performance in Prague!

Woody McBRIDE of Minnesota, AKA "DJ ESP" has been an advocate, enthusiast and organizer of arts & music activities since his hungry early-80's junior high school years in an artistically under-rated Bismarck, North Dakota where he enjoyed his associations with the Cinema 100 Film Group, the North Dakota Peace Coalition, the Bismarck State Studio Arts Department, the Bismarck State College Newspaper and his first introduction to the power of chemical-free straight-edge artistry and musicianship.

His events have featured amazing arena sized sound systems stacked in his trademark "WALL OF BASS" from sometimes measuring 20 feet high and 150 feet long, pushing as much as 1,000,000 WATTS of good clean fun. He's set the American Live-Sonic Standards for a new era of a brand new genre of music.

ESP is a champion of fun and a revolutionary new drug-free electronica concert promoter taking a sound by popular demand to a forum it deserves. "Nothing against warehouse and outdoor events - and the mystique of them is huge.. But those days are gone - kids couldn't behave themselves and our soundsystems could be heard for ten miles... So we now take our massive to the arena, the club and the sanctioned underground and enjoy the music in a safe legal environment that everyone can enjoy".

FABRIC dance club

Dj ESP stopped by in the most popular and famous Dance club in Ostrava - FABRIC on 19th of Oct. 2002 and turned the tables meeting some local Djs behind the music.

The club deserves its label as the best club in Moravia. Many events have already taken place there including performances of a number of international stars, as for example Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Joe Joe, Rob Ok, Paul Mack anebo Louis Osbourne.

RAVE - exclusive interview with DJ ESP

Hi, could You describe Your DJ career?
A wild ride starting as a second generation techno and acid maniac still rockin' ten years later... My goal is to take people on a journey of the mind into the netherworld of free thinking and creativity... I want the audience to feel their own creativity and go home with new inspiration...

You are the author of the Blackout film soundtrack. Could You tell us, what was Your business?
It is an honor to be asked to score the film - I will deliver a serious soundtrack for a serious film. This is set to be one of next years more interesting and experimental films and more than everything it will be a gift to the world. The soundtrack will feature exclusive music from all genres... rock, techno, experimental, acoustic, vocal, soul, jazz and big beat. I think people will really be surprised with the soundtrack - not your typical techno DJ soundtrack like we have seen in other films... this one has guts, the full spectrum of emotion (not just bliss and escapism) and shares great variety...

Was it Your first experience with film music?
I have scored several independent films in America, composed a themesong for the Ralph Nader (Green Party) for President campaign, composed a score for the world famous Hazelden Chemical Dependency Treatment Center Documentary, composed music for BMW TV and for several performance art pieces.

Could You describe your DJ style?
A sensual Techno adventure to take you out of this world - an eclectic mix of hard experimental dance music for the "thinking" male and female clubber...

Have You got some other activities or is DJing Your main job?
Promoting Peace, Love, and environmentalism, organizing special events, producing music for the club, film, TV and CD. But I travel alot and love my laptop computer...

Have you a resident night in some club?
I play the US techno circuit and regularly at First Avenue (the club Prince made famous in the film "Purple Rain")

Which kind of music do you listen at home?
That is private, but i can hear wolves barking at the moon on many nights... Aaaawwwwrrrrrrroooooooooo!

Did You prepare something special for the Czech audience, which records will You play?
Very special, very dark and very crazy! I will be playing some of my unreleased music on Missile, Primevil, Dancefloor Killers - a preview of my new album on Bush and a few cuts from the soundtrack...

Thank you - visit for more info...


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the Galle southern province of Sri Lanka
Photo distributing aid.
Letter of thanks CR. Top!

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